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What is the best (or cheapest) way to start enjoying coffee - Part 2 | Cuppa Malaysia

Since the last time I did a review on the best and easiest way to start enjoying coffee, I have come across two others such coffee making devices, both I am using on almost a daily basis now. Interestingly, French press is not in the lineup, though I keep one handy in my kitchen cabinet.

No doubt the French Press (coffee plunger) is an easy way to make coffee and Bodum does definitely make great French Presses. However, it would be a shame to dismiss other simple coffee makers, especially if they make great tasting coffee.

My coffee making requirement is has to be easy to make...almost a no brainer. For me, this is especially true in the morning :-). So, having said that, here's another easy way to make yourself a great cup of coffee, this time using the Clever Coffee Dripper, one of the two devices I now use to make coffee on a regular basis. The other method, I shall leave it to another day to share with you.

Here are the simple steps for using the Clever Coffee Dripper (in the morning):
1. Stagger out of yourself to the Kitchen (Yeah, I agree. It's the toughest of the step)
2. Turn on your kettle to boil water
3. Put paper filter on Clever Coffee Dripper
4. Grind your coffee (medium grind or granulated sugar size)
5. Wet filter with boiled water and decant
Sorry, No images for above steps. You'll just have to use your imagination. :)

6. Get the Grounds in.
Pour ground coffee into the Clever Coffee Dripper.
I am using a smaller coffee filter here (2-4 cups size). Amount of ground is about 2 tablespoon. I like mine strong. You may use the 4-7 cups size filter if you are making more. In that case, 3-4 tablespoon of ground should do. This is of course, depending on your personal preference. You can experiment with different dosage until you get one ratio that you like best.

7. Pour in Hot Water.
Pour hot water until grounds are all wet. Let sit for a few seconds. If your ground is fresh, it'll 'bloom' (for lack of a better description, it 'bubbles' a bit). Then, pour in more hot water and stopping before reaching the top of filter paper.

(Hot water temperature: 93°F - 97°F. As a guesstimate, the temperature of your water should be about right if after it boils, you then do steps 4 and 5)

8. Let's Brew. 
Let it sit for 3 minutes. If you like, you may use a teaspoon to press the floating coffee grounds so that they are fully immersed.

If you decide to stir it, remember that stirring will speed up the brewing process so you may need to reduce the immersion time.

9. Time to drip. 
Put the Clever Coffee Dripper on top of your cup, mug or pot. Make sure that the bottom of the Clever Coffee Dripper fits and sits nicely on top of your cup, mug or pot. 

It will start dripping immediately and should take about 1 minute to drain

10. Coffee is done!
Enjoy. Wasn't that easy?
This is no rocket science. If you are like me, I follow the KISS coffee making method. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). That's why I love this CLEVER Coffee Dripper.

At about the price of a French Press, it is a great alternative coffee maker.

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Filter Paper

Cleaning is even simpler. See the used grounds in the filter paper? Just take the whole filter paper and discard. (Incidentally, if you have home potted plants, you may sprinkle them on the soil. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, magnesium, phosporus amongst other minerals. All good for your plants.)

Rinse the Clever Coffee Dripper and you are done!

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