Saturday, September 3, 2011

To brush, or not to brush?

To brush, or not to brush, that is the question

We brush our teeth twice a day, don't we? That's how we take care of our pearly whites (well, in the case of coffee drinkers, maybe not so white) and they in turn reward us in our favorite pastime...eating!

How on earth is that relevant to this blog? Well, brushing does help keep your teeth white. However, that's not what this writing is about. If you own an espresso machine, then you know that proper care involves a brush not that much different from a toothbrush.

This brush is called the espresso group head brush and is used to brush the screen and gasket around it inside the group head.  Depending on your obsessive compulsiveness, you may brush your espresso machine after each use or not. I do and I recommend that you do too. There's no harm to the machine and it will not shorten your group head brush lifespan by much anyway. Some may find it acceptable to brush after a couple of days or a couple of uses. Well, let the taste of your espresso help you decide your brushing frequency tolerance level.

Just as you may have a specific preference for toothbrush, so does espresso machine group head brush. I particularly favor the Pallo espresso group head brush mainly because of it's design. Right below the brush, there are fins. This is a very important feature because when you brush the screen, you'll be flushing the group head with hot water (sort of like rinsing your mouth) to dislodge residual coffee grounds. The fins deflect the hot water from running down straight to your hand which is holding the handle! How ingenious is that? It's a simple feature but one that really says "I love your hand"!

Here, have a look at the Pallo group head espresso brush features (click to enlarge):

If you haven't been brushing...shame on you. Quickly click Cuppa & get one!

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