Sunday, August 28, 2011

What is the best (or cheapest) way to start enjoying coffee | Cuppa Malaysia

One of the first question asked by someone who wants to venture into the exciting world of coffee drinking would be "what's the cost". It is understandable that we are a very cost conscious society and a frugal habit is to be commended.

Malaysians are used to RM3 bag of coffee powder and moving the decimal point, one position to the right to get a bag of gourmet coffee bean may cause an involuntary loose jaw reaction to some. Let's put things in perspective. You won't mind spending RM15 for a burger or a fried chicken meal. That's only for one meal and one time 'ahh...satisfaction'. But with just a little bit more, you get to enjoy many cups of aromatic, delicious and some may even describe it as heavenly coffee!

Well, that's just for the cost of the coffee beans. How about coffee equipment?

One of the cheapest and gaining popularity in Malaysia is the French Press aka Press Pot aka Coffee Plunger.
Bodum makes great quality and very affordable french presses. It comes in 3 cup (35ml/120z), 8 cup (1,0l/34oz), 12 cup (1.5l/51oz) sizes and you can get them in all kinds of psychedelic colors. Currently, the Bodum Brazil 8 cup is on sale at Cuppa for RM89. Normal retail price is RM199.


  1. Is there any brand of coffee powder at the range of below RM50?

  2. Yes, you can find them at You can try Cafe Britt Costan Rica coffee, Lavazza (a few selections) or rubra (very freshly roasted) coffee. All these are below RM50 and range from 250g to 430g in size. Free shipping within Malaysia if you order 2 bags (Cafe Britt range of coffees) or 3 bags (rubra range of coffees).

  3. Hi can u recommend me a what brand of coffee beans should i use for the french press. I plan to buy the coffee bean together with your manual grinder. Please suggest me the best combo..would like to order asap :) -azha-

  4. Hi Azha, my recommendation is to choose any of the Single Origin beans (e.g. rubra's Mexican or Cafe Britt's Costa Rica Tarrazu) and you'll be fine. As you try the different kinds, you'll likely develop a preference for beans from a specific region or country. The discovery is part of the fun.

  5. I see the Bodum 3 cup is going for RM79 on Cuppa which is excellent value. I bought a no-name one for about RM40 from Isetan some time ago. It does the job but the quality isn't great - a little flimsy. I might upgrade to the Bodum once the spring/coil wears out.

    The french press is also a great way to enjoy the natural flavors of the coffee. Not all beans are suitable to use in an espresso maker, so its good to have the french press as an alternative for those more subtle and less intense beans.

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